The road to automotive innovation

The automotive market is constantly innovating to offer you a more comfortable and efficient driving experience. Discover new models of hybrid vehicles, station wagons and eco-friendly cars. Take advantage of our online car rental service.

Car rental and other vehicles

Online car rental lets you reserve a vehicle at any time and use it as you wish for personal or business travel. It adapts to your needs and offers you a wide choice of vehicles available close to your home. GETAROUND offers you a car rental service that’s available around the clock.

Reserve a new or used car now and benefit from a package tailored to your needs. From a dedicated application, you can unlock your car in just a few clicks.

Car rental and other vehicles
Car category

Car category

Autoberlines, city cars, crossovers, compact cars, vans, utility vehicles.

Choice of fuel

Choice of fuel

Electric, hybrid, gasoline, diesel or hydrogen.

Unlimited mileage

Unlimited mileage

Car rental with unlimited mileage, so you can enjoy your road-trip to the full.

Car dealerships

New car trends

Car dealers unveil the latest new car trends. These new models feature more functions, customizable interior design, intelligent lighting, more storage options and customized dashboards. Some vehicles even feature autonomous driving.

Driving automotive excellence

Take to the roads behind the wheel of an electric, sports or autonomous car. At the heart of automotive excellence, enjoy more efficient driving.

Electric cars

Cars that run on an electric motor and power supply.

Sports cars

Powerful cars that meet the demands of motorsports.

Autonomous cars

Cars with autonomous or hybrid driving to give you the choice.

Drive in comfort with family cars

Family cars offer you a friendly, comfortable space in which to relax on your various car journeys. They have enough seats to accommodate the whole family, including pets. On some models, a third row of seats is available as an option.

The comfort of a family car also translates into extra-large cargo space, more storage options and an interior equipped with air conditioning and advanced technologies.

Car restoration know-how

Car restoration gives a second life to old and used vehicles. It requires real know-how and a keen eye for detail to achieve excellent results. Professionals in the field can restore the tires, mechanical components, interior, bodywork and lighting of your classic cars.

Thanks to car restoration, you’ll enjoy an excellent reconditioned used vehicle, as powerful and comfortable as a new car.

Buy your car parts online!

Do you need to replace your vehicle’s tires, brakes, battery or filters? You can buy all kinds of car parts on websites dedicated to the sale of spare parts. Some sellers can even take back your old parts and offer you discounts.



A wide choice of tires for passenger, family and commercial vehicles.



Powerful mechanical parts to enhance your car’s performance.



Quality electronic components, adapted to your vehicle’s model.

Car paint and design

Trendy automotive colors

Discover the trendy colors spotted at car shows and car dealerships. These include white, deep blue, black, silver-grey, bright red, brown and beige. Other models feature color mixes and customized patterns.

Under the hood of auto technology

From GPS to wireless chargers, automotive technologies enhance your driving experience. They can be used for a variety of functions.

GPS and car radio
A GPS system and radio integrated into your car's dashboard, accessible at all times.
Connectivity and remote diagnostics

Connectivity and remote diagnostics

Discover automotive technologies that enable your car to be connected to other vehicles, appliances or devices. This innovation makes it possible to carry out remote diagnostics.

Ecological spare parts

Ecological spare

An overview of environmentally-friendly replacement parts to reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption, enjoy high-performance driving and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Car preventive maintenance

It’s a good idea to carry out preventive maintenance on your car after 10,000 to 20,000 km. It allows you to detect technical and mechanical problems well before they occur.

Preventive maintenance avoids unpleasant surprises and costly repairs that can occur at any time.